The Universal Declaration of Urban Rights

We are all constructing the city by thought, act or omission.
The Universal Declaration of Urban Rights is an ongoing project by Zuloark since 2011 to discuss and sum opinions on the City from the citizens point of view. This open database initiative has derived in the construction of Urban Parliaments through open workshops involving all kind of neighbours and technicians. The main strategy is to infrastructure public space in order to promote discussion and agreements about the city. As a result public+expert Parliamentary Sessions have been organized in several architecture meetings, such as the Lisbon Triennale, with the aim of building an always updatable Urban chart, a non-fixed manifest made by infinite inputs, where everyone is invited and experts are guides, in contraposition to the “Athens Chart” made by a few with profound impact in billions of citizens around the world for nearly 100 years now.
Next UR project is already active in BERLIN as a part of DEMO:POLIS exhibition at ADK
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